Skin membership plan

Take care of your regular facial aesthetic treatments with our monthly skin care plan.

      What does our plan include?

      Our skin plan is just £83.67* per month and covers:  

      • 3 anti-ageing treatments per annum (wrinkle relaxation or dermal fillers)
      • 20% discount on additional anti-ageing treatments
      • 10% discount on lip and cheek enhancement
      • 10% discount of facial rejuvenation treatments
      • 10% discount on skin care products range
      • Complimentary pre/post facial cleanse
      • Complimentary skin care consultation
      • Aftercare advice

      *In addition to your first monthly payment, an initial registration fee of £10 per person will be payable by you to DPAS and will be included in your first Direct Debit payment.

      Hyperhidrosis is not included.

      Treatments not covered by this plan can be paid for separately.

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