Teeth whitening in Newcastle upon Tyne

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve your smile. We have been providing tooth whitening to our patients for over 20 years, with excellent results!

Teeth whitening is a relatively straightforward procedure in which a mild peroxide gel is applied to the tooth. This breaks down the stains within our teeth leaving them looking fresher and whiter.

      Teeth whitening techniques

      We offer the latest teeth whitening techniques to enhance your smile. There are a range of teeth whitening treatments to achieve whiter teeth to suit all budgets and lifestyles which we discuss at your free consultation.

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        Boutique home
        teeth whitening

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        teeth whitening

          At-home whitening

          If your teeth are suitable for whitening, impressions will be taken of your mouth and sent to a laboratory.

          Custom trays are fabricated and fitted at your next appointment. The start shade of your teeth will also be recorded in your dental records along with clinical photographs.

          10% Carbamine Peroxide Gels are provided for use with the trays at home. The trays are worn usually nightly for 2 weeks although a longer period of up to 6 weeks may be needed in some cases.

          The gel does not damage the teeth but often causes sensitivity to hot and cold. This can be overcome by using de-sensitising toothpaste or reducing the frequency of gel use to alternate nights.

            How long does whitening last? 

            The effects of whitening last on average between 12 and 24 months depending on your lifestyle. Stain inducing habits will darken the teeth more rapidly.

            You can buy additional gels or use leftover gel to ‘top up’ your whitening every 9-12 months. This top-up usually takes only 1-2 sessions and your custom made trays can be reused.

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