All-on-four in Newcastle upon Tyne

All-on-four is a technique that allows a fixed bridge to be fitted onto 4 dental implants in 1 day. Generally, a patient would need to have 6 to 10 dental implants in order to replace all missing teeth on 1 row and sometimes we would even need to add artificial bone. 

However, in this procedure only 4 implants are placed at specific angles to provide greater stability. An immediate temporary bridge is then screwed onto the implants so patients can leave the dental clinic with a new set of fixed teeth!

      What happens in treatment? 

      One of the most important parts of the All on 4 Dental Implants treatment occurs in the planning stages when you will be taken through all aspects of your treatment. 

      This technique is very advanced and should ideally be provided by a medically trained person with specialist skills in this area. For this reason, our dental implant team Kevin Higgins, Richard Winter also includes Mr Robert Banks. Mr Banks has both medical and dental degrees and is a highly trained Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant. He has a lot of experience in providing advanced surgical care and Same Day Teeth solutions.

      You will have a full assessment, (covering both dental and medical aspects), 3D imaging, model planning and detailed design prior to any All on 4 treatment being started. You can be assured of our thorough and exemplary service throughout. It is possible to move onto surgery as quickly as you wish, but rest assured you will never be rushed.

      The final long-term bridges that will replace your temporary bridges placed during/after surgery are fitted about 4-6 months later.

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