Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand how important it is to feel good about your smile.

We take great effort to listen to our patients when they are seeking improvements to their smile. We understand how important a good smile looks. We also see how people will often feel more confident and happier with how they look after their smile is improved.

Routine Dental Care

Routine examinations allow us the opportunity to assess which of our patients are at risk from dental disease (tooth decay and gum disease) and give advice which is relevant and specific to each individual’s dental needs. We will also discuss any cosmetic dental concerns you may have.

Any problems discovered during your examination will be clearly explained, along with all the available treatment options and their associated costs.

Dental examinations are more than checking your teeth.

The dentist checks for non-healing mouth ulcers, red or white patches which are often painless which you may not have noticed. These could be an early indication of a more serious mouth condition. If changes in your mouth are checked out early, a more serious condition can be prevented or treated early.  Smoking, using tobacco in other forms, and drinking large amounts of alcohol can affect the soft tissues in your mouth.

A new patient examination includes;

  • Full mouth digital iTero scan
  • Intra oral photographs
  • Full medical history
  • Intra oral x-rays
  • Full examination.
  • Soft tissue examination
  • Oral cancer check
  • Gum disease screening
Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry

Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve your smile. We have been providing tooth whitening to our patients for over 20 years, with excellent results!

Tooth whitening is a relatively straightforward procedure in which a mild peroxide gel is applied to the tooth. This breaks down the stains within our teeth leaving them looking fresher and whiter.

We offer the latest Tooth Whitening Techniques to enhance your smile.

There are a range of tooth whitening treatments to achieve whiter teeth to suit all budgets and lifestyles which we discuss at your free consultation.

  1. Zoom! Home Tooth Whitening
  2. Enlighten Tooth Whitening
  3. Zoom! In Surgery Treatment (60 minutes)

Cosmetic Treatments

Higgins & Winter Dental Practice. Every patient is treated as an individual and we deliver the highest levels of personal dental care.

Below are a list of techniques which can be used to enhance a smile, starting with the simplest and becoming more complex:

  1. Tooth Whitening
  2. White Fillings
  3. Composite Bonding
  4. Veneers
  5. Crowns
  6. Smile Makeover
Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry

Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry


We understand that patients can often feel anxious about receiving dental care.

When TLC is not enough, we have the facilities and training to offer sedation techniques to ease away any anxiety, enabling us to help with your dental needs.

Our team are very supportive and understanding, and very experienced in dealing with dental anxiety and patients nervous of the dental environment. We are here to support you throughout your journey.


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